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Classic Sculpture

William Moser
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Sculpture in Stone, Wood, Clay Models, and Portraits



24 x 14 x 2 inches



The inspiration for this relief carving came on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. The work was mainly carved there, and the exotic Koa wood was obtained locally. The carving retells an old Kauaian legend about Lohiau, a favorite King of Kauai, and Hiiaka, who was the sister of Pele, the Fire Goddess. Both were born with mystic powers. In Summary, Lohiau had died at the hands of Pele and Hiiaka envisioned her new love, Lohiau as a flower appearing in the sky. From the flower, Hiiaka resurrected Lohiau, and the two lived at the Hei’au, Holy Grounds, near Haena for the rest of their lives.