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Classic  Sculpture

William  Moser
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Sculpture in Stone, Wood,  Clay Models, and Portraits



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William R. Moser

      4 Wescott Drive

      Hopkinton  MA 01748

Studio Telephone: (508)435-5773

email  Address:


Stone Carvings

Moonstruck                                        $4,500
Principessa                                        $1,200
Birth of Venus                                    $3,500
Our Space                                          $2,000
Romancing the Claddagh                   $4,500
Celebration                                        $4,500

Sculpture in Wood

Vermont Clover                                   $2,600
Goddess of the Harvest                        $3,000
Leone di San Marco                            $2,200
Vivaldi il Prete Rosso                          $1,500
Recluse                                               $3,000
Romeo and Juliet                                $4,500
Advocate                                            $1,200
Contentment Found                             $1,200
Madonna and Child                            $1,000
Marque du Temps                               $1,200
Restrained Beauty                               $800
Eternal Love  (Unavailable, except reproduction
Schonheit Gebunden                     $2,800
Schonheit Vergessen                    $2,800
Wine for Life                                $1,600
Intellect Lost                               $2,700
Godfather                                    $1,200
s Drimmelet                                 $3,200
Fasnacht                                     $3,200
Heilige Schweizer                         $1,200
s Weltli DeGaulle                          $1,200
Re del Carnivale di Venezia            $1,200
Regina del Carnivale di Venezia      $1,200
Fasnacht Carnival Relief  (Stern)1            Unavailable
Fasnacht Carnival Relief 2 (Sunflower)     Unavailable
Fasnacht Carnival Relief 3 (Inverted)        Unavailable
Fasnacht Carnival Relief 4 (Patriot)          Unavailabe
Mimi and Rodolfo                                $4,500
Romancing the Claddagh                     $2,600
Mermaid “Fruits de Mer “                   $5,800
Josephine                                             $1,100
Gabriella Angelica                               $8,500
Big Easy Tango                                    $7,000
Zermatt  Alpenrosen                               $2,300
Dreams                                                 $2,200
Knowledge-Happiness                            $2,500
Nurturing                                             $9,000
The Scholar                                           $2,500
Songbird                                              $7,000
Together                                                $2,000
Garden of Eden                                    $5,000
Bacchus                                                 $1,500
Searching                                               $2,000
Ressurection                                           $3,500
Contemplation                                          $500
Venus                                                        $125
Ban de Vendange                                       $250
Searching                                                  $350
Einstein                                                                $175
Vermont Clover (Bonded Copper)                          $400
Vermont Clover (Hydrostone, Mahogany Tinted)     $250
Eternal Love (Bonded Copper)                               $400
Eternal Love (Hydrostone Bronz on Black Tint)       $275
Big Easy Tango (Bonded Copper)                        $2,000
Dreams (Bonded Marble)                                       $350
Dreams (Bonded Bronze)                                        $350
Dreams (Bonded Brass)                                          $350
Dreams (Hydrostone, Ivory Tinted)                         $250
Knowledge-Happiness (Bonded Marble)                  $350
Lion of San Marco (Bonded Copper)                       $300
Intellect Lost (Bonded Nickel)                                $200



The items that are indicated for sale on the Price List page may be obtained by contacting the Studio at the address, email address or phone number listed above. Payment may be made by either personal check, money order, or bank transfer. Shipment will be paid for by the Studio, and will be done after your payment has cleared your bank or after the money order or bank transfer has been completed.

A purchaser may retain the object for two weeks for a trial viewing period. If the purchaser is not satisfied with the item purchased after this time, it may be returned at the Studio's expense and a refund of the purchase price will be mailed within two days of receipt of the returned object.