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Classic Sculpture

William Moser
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Sculpture in Stone, Wood, Clay Models, and Portraits

Reproductions and Limited Editions

Selected sculptures have been reproduced to achieve much different compositions compared to the originals executed in Wood or modeled in Clay. Since these sculptures take a few days to make rather than a month or more in wood, the prices are naturally significantly less than the original sculptures from which the molds were made. A few reproductions are illustrated.

Lion of San Marco Bonded Copper $300

  Dreams   Hydrostone Ivory Tint $250

   Dreams     Bonded Marble  $350

Vermont Clover Bonded Copper $400

   Dreams     Bonded Brass  $350

Big Easy Tango Bonded Copper $2,000

   Dreams     Bonded Bronze  $350

Knowledge-Happiness Bonded Marble   $350

   Intellect Lost     Bonded Nickel  $200

Birth of Venus Black lg

Eternal Love Bonded Copper $250

Eternal Love Bonded Marble, Black or Bronze $250


Bonded Marble, Brass, Copper or Bronze $250

Ban de Vandanges

Bonded Marble, Bonded Copper,or Bonded Bronze



Copper Tinted Hydrastone



Bronze Tinted Hydrastone