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Classic  Sculpture

William  Moser
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Sculpture in Stone, Wood,  Clay Models, and Portraits




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moser songbird 40



Sculpting   Songbird in  Basswood

Classic  Sculpture  Studio

 My love for sculpture was awakened in Arosa, high in the Swiss Alps.  The  air and water there are pure and the people reflect that transparency when they create their surroundings.  In the many Guest Houses and Stubli, hardwood crafted into soft flowers and delicate figures tell  stories of the mountain people.

There, a new vision and direction was born in me.   The metamorphosis of wood into expression of the imagination became this sculptors joy.  I learned wood sculpting in the late 1960's from an old Swiss man who carved rough and lovely flowers in soft wood.  He  taught me technique, and held the belief that expression flowed  naturally from the imagination. Personalities began to flow from ebony,  mahogany, oak, redwood, cardinal wood, tupelo and pine. Then came sculpture in Vermont white marble and Tirafsci Alabaster as well as models in clay.  From my gouges and tools came clover and blossoms and simple, wood inspired philosophy.   Bits of history and politics were captured and frozen in  hardwoods  stone and clay.  Creating became a joyous obsession.

My objective as a sculptor is solely to create works which have a high artistic content and additionally stirs the imagination and senses of the viewer. This endeavor often takes me to many foreign places in order to capture the character of different cultures and to view directly interesting scenes where the sculpture is often executed. I hope that the works displayed in these pages gives you as much joy in viewing them as they did for me while I sculpted them.